What are the differences in the ticket options?

General Admission – $10/day

The general admission ticket allows you to experience three different stages throughout the day with multiple food and drink options available to purchase.

The courtyard stage is located between the Mockingbird Theater and Jamison Hall. The back shed is a covered location within the rear parking lot of the Factory.  The local lounge is indoors located directly adjacent to the back shed and also includes the will call and merchandise area.

Jamison Hall – $20/day

Jamison Hall tickets include all the above options as well as access to the later shows in Jamison Hall.

Mockingbird Theater – $50/day

Mockingbird Theater tickets include all the above options as well as access to the later shows in the Mockingbird Theater.

I originally purchased a lesser ticket option—can I upgrade?

You do not need to purchase a brand new ticket, you can simply pay the difference between the ticket price of your original ticket and the level you would like to upgrade.

Can I purchase tickets the day of the event?
Yes, you may purchase tickets the day of the event at a venue directly off the rear parking lot of the Factory (see map). However, you WILL NOT be able to enter the lot at the Factory unless you have purchased a parking pass prior to arriving.

Where is will call?

Tickets for the event can be picked up the week beforehand from 10AM to 5PM on September 17th – 20th at The Mockingbird Theater.

On September 21st and 22nd, tickets can be picked up or purchased from a venue located directly off the rear lot of the Factory (see map).

How can I enter the Factory lot if I purchased a parking pass to Live and Local prior to the event, but I need to pick up my tickets at will call?
If you are driving your own vehicle and you plan to park in the Factory lot fo the event, as you arrive you will need to show us your receipt for purchase along with a valid driver’s license that matches the name of the purchaser.


If you plan to drive, you MUST have purchased a parking pass for the Factory lots. No vehicles can be parked on site without a parking pass. Rideshares can access the Factory lot with no passes required.

How can I purchase a parking pass?

Parking passes are available for purchase on the website under TICKETS.

Getting Here


The Factory will be accessible by Liberty Pike on Saturday and Sunday until 8PM.

From 8PM – 10PM, Liberty Pike will be closed at Eddy Lane. During this time, the only vehicles allowed to continue on Liberty Pike to the Factory are rideshares and those vehicles who have purchased a paid parking pass for the Factory and have the pass on display hanging from the rearview mirror of your vehicle. We would suggest that if arriving between this time, you take Eddy Lane to Liberty Pike to avoid the traffic congestion.


The Factory will be hosting a rideshare drop-off and pickup on site for those utilizing Uber or Lyft. You will not need any special pass to access the Factory via rideshare for the duration of the weekend.

Will restaurants and shops be open in the Factory?

Yes, some will be open for special hours September 21st and 22nd to serve food and drinks into the evening. Stay tuned for information.